Brain Teaser Challenge

Curated by Sarah Mierzwiak

The der Rückspiegel knows the high intellect of all its readers, so this year we decided to include a bit of additional car-related fun, sharing with you some brain teasers that we ask you to solve. Each month throughout 2018, one will be published in the newsletter and on our MVR website. Have a go at solving each brainteaser, submitting your answers to:
A winner(s) will be announced at the annual Holiday Party, of course accompanied by a gift fitting your brilliance!

Answers must be submitted by the first of the following month – please submit one answer per person, per month, and be sure to explain your conclusions. Don't forget to tell us your name when you submit! Each month’s answer will be published along with the next month’s teaser. Good luck!

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December Teaser

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