2018 Newsletters

December 2018
Cover: Charlotte Chapman with Bob Cryan shows off her new coat provided by Porsche of Ann Arbor - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: Pictures from the MVR Holiday Party by Jeanne Krauser, Deb Isley, and Kim Harris
2018 Homecoming Parade by Bob Cryan

November 2018
Cover: The defensive position at Fort Defiance - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: MVR Fall Tour by Deb Isley
In Defense of the Manual Transmission by Bradley Brownell

October 2018
Cover: Diorama at Snook's Dream Car Museum - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Greg Herr Story by Mark Schoenlein

September 2018
Cover: The Mackinac bridge - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Porsche Picnic by Kim Harris
Porsche's on the Mac by Beth & Barney Stewart

August 2018
Cover: Porsche lit up the lake at Lake of the Ozarks - Photo by Deb Isley
Inside: Parade 63 in the Ozarks by Bob and Charlotte Cryan

July 2018
Cover: Isley and Cryan Porsches at Lake of the Ozarks - Photo by Tom and Deb
Inside: Battle Creek Speedfest 2018 by Dave Zimmerman

June 2018
Cover: Fergie watching Mike and Barney at Mid Ohio. Must be getting ready for DE. - Photo by Laura Valentine
Inside: Kentucky Derby Party by Kim Harris

May 2018
Cover: The MVR DE is coming. Are you ready?
Inside: Lend a Hand by Dave Zimmerman

April 2018
Cover: Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Toledo Museum of Art & Beirut Restaurant by Catherine Smillie
Apex by John Wojcik

March 2018
Cover: Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Mystery Room and Dinner at Granite City by Bob Cryan
How My 944S Helped Save My Life by Bahu S. Shaikh, M.D.

February 2018
Cover: Boxster at The Toledo Museum of Art - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: East German Home-Built Porsche 356 Knockoffs

January 2018
Cover: Tan-Tar-A Resort. The site of the 2018 Parade - Photo provided by Tan-Tar-A Resort
Inside: A Rookie Goes to Daytona by Jay Kjoller