2015 Newsletters

December 2015
Cover: Outgoing President Diane Schoen and Husband Jim - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: 2015 Charity Results by Deb Isley - Photos by Laura Valentine and Jeanne Krauser
The Last Turn -­ 200+ MPH in a Carrera GT, Flatsixes.com by Leonard Turner

November 2015
Cover: 944 Leaf - Photo by Ron Gargaz
Inside: 5 Dead Beetles on the Right by Barney Stewart - Photos by Mike Valentine, Ron Gargaz, and Tom Isley
The Last Turn -­ E production, Flatsixes.com by Leonard Turner

October 2015
Cover: A stop in the Bad Lands- Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Escape to Rushmore by Lee Burlingame - Photos by Lee Burlingame and Tom Isley
What Young Folks Are Missing by Rick Mammel, The Bahn Stormer, Rally Sport Region
MVR Ladies Event at Copper Moon Studio by Jeannette Forrester and Deb Isley

September 2015
Cover: Deb checking out Mon Ami for our brunch - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Mon Ami Brunch by Lee Burlingame - Photos by Lee Burlingame and Tom Isley
The Last Turn -­ 959 Memories, Flatsixes.com by Leonard Turner

August 2015
Cover: The Parade welcome sign at the French Lick resort - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Parade Report by Bob Cryan, Dick Gobba, Chris Krauser, Jeff Vollmar, Bob Harris, and Ron Gargaz - Photos by Deb Isley, Tom Isley and Jeanne Krauser
Rally to the Mack's by Kim Harris

July 2015
Cover: Ruth Gulliford and JackMechal enjoying the chili at the new member party - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: New Member Party by Deb Isley - Photos by Jeanne Krauser

June 2015
Cover: It's Parade time
Inside: Abbreviated issue - busy getting ready for Parade

May 2015
Cover: Spotted in the parking lot at Mon Ami - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: RIP: Legendary Racer and Journalist Denise McCluggage by Sean Cridland and Flatsixes.com

April 2015
Cover: Long time member Ron Gulliford - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Ron Gulliford, December 21, 1934 - March 28, 2015 by Jack Mechel
997 or 991: How Do You Decide?, Flatsixes.com by Bradley Brownell

March 2015
Cover: 2014 Newsletter Trophy - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Porsche Tourist Delivery, Circa 1960, Part 2 by Roger Holliday - Photos by Roger Holliday
A new member of Porsche's GT family by Porsche Cars North America

February 2015
Cover: Porsche assembly line in the early 60s - Photo by Roger Holliday
Inside: Porsche Tourist Delivery, Circa 1960 by Roger Holliday - Photos by Roger Holliday
Porsche 911 GTS Club Coupe announced by PCA

January 2015
Cover: Jeanne and Chris Krauser at the Holiday Party - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: 2014 Charity Activity Results by Deb Isley - Photos by Deb Isley and Tom Isley
Photos from the Holiday Party by Jeanne Krauser
The 60th Annual Porsche Parade