2016 Newsletters

December 2016
Cover: Dinner in the Glass Salon - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Holiday Party by Kim Harris - Photos by Jeanne Krauser and Tom Isley

November 2016
Cover: Autumn Color - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: October Rally by Jeff Fort
A Note from the Membership Chair by Barney Stewart

September/October 2016
Cover: Reflections from Parade - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Golf Scramble by Deb Isley
The Last Turn - It's All Relative by Leonard Turner

August 2016
Cover: Rick Lederman checking for dirt during his Concours - Photo by Ron Gargasz
Inside: Pictures from Gratten DE by Todd Mierzwiak

July 2016
Cover: Dave and Evie Zimmerman at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta - Photo by Dave Zimmerman
Inside: Porsche Weekend by Dave Zimmerman

June 2016
Cover: Matt and Krystal LaHann at the Derby Party - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: Q-Zar Laser Tag and Dinner at Shorty's by Kim Harris
Kentucky Derby Party by Kim Harris - Photos by Jeanne Krauser and Tom Isley

April/May 2016
Cover: A 968 along the Maumee River - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: The Last Turn - The Absence of Red by Leonard Turner


March 2016
Cover: Deb and Tom Isley at the Schoen Euchre Party - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: Acts of Southern Hospitality by Bob Cryan
MVR Ladies Event - Painting & Wine by Deb Isley
February Social Event - Schoen Euchre Party and Chilli Cook-Off by Kim Harris


February 2016
Cover: Lane Motor Museum, Nashville - Photo by Bob Cryan
Inside: Report on Lane Motor Museum, Nashville by Bob Cryan

January 2016
Cover: Catherine Smillie and Bob Cryan enjoying cocktails at the Isley's - Photo by Jeanne Krauser
Inside: Cocktail Party at the Isley's by Deb Isley - Photos by Jeanne Krauser
The Last Turn - The Le Mans Start by Leonard Turner