2013 Newsletters

December 2013
Cover: Outgoing Social Chairs, Lisa Soriano and Jeanne Krauser - Photo by Chris Krauser
Inside: Holiday Party - Photos by Jeanne Krauser
Technical Talk by John Jennens

November 2013
Cover: 1989 Panamericana Concept Car - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: Porsche by Design by Deb and Tom Isley
Technical Talk by John Jennens

October 2013
Cover: The Bellman's 911 at the Pierce Stocking Bridge - Photo by Judy Bellman
Inside: Rush to see "Rush" by Dick Badler
Technical Talk by John Jennens

September 2013
Cover: Waiting to depart for Mon Ami - Photo by Stewart Free
Inside: Mon Ami by Deb and Tom Isley
Technical Talk by John Jennens

August 2013
Cover: Sculpture at the Granville Inn P2O reception - Photo by Dan Dessner
Inside: P2O Report by Pete MacDonald
Technical Talk by John Jennens

July 2013
Cover: Driving thru the Tunnel of Trees - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: The Innovations by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
Photos from Parade by Tom Isley, Deb Isley and Roger Holliday

June 2013
Cover: Porsche Design show at Optical Arts - Photo by Tom Isley
Inside: The Design by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
The Photos from the Optical Arts Show by Tom Isley

May 2013
Cover: The original 911 and the current 911 - Photo by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
Inside: New Porsche Based TV Show Coming to Speed by flatsixes.co Pepper Girl
The flat-six engine by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG

April 2013
Cover: 1963 Porsche type 901 - Photo by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG
Inside: "Good Curling" by Roger Holliday - Photos by Ron Gargasz and Tom Isley
The Inception of the Porsche 911 by Dr. Ing. F. Porsche AG

March 2013
Cover: The 911 - Photo by Porsche Cars North America
Inside: "The" Sports Car Celebrates a Special Anniversary by Porsche Cars North America

February 2013
Cover: Jeff Vollmar examines the new 911 Cabriolet - Photo by Michael Soriano
Inside: North American International Auto Show by Jeff Vollmar - Photos by Michael Soriano

January 2013
Cover: 918 Spyder - Photo by Mohamad Almasri
Inside: The Porsche 918 Reviewed submitted by Mohamad Almasri with permission from Bob Rouleau