Brain Teaser September 2018

Barney Stewart and Mike Valentine bought identical 911 Carrera Cabriolet 4S sports cars. Just by coincidence, both men decide to take their beautiful gals out for an evening ride - on one of the prettiest nights of the Fall season.  Barney and Beth, enjoying a drive in the country, pull up to a stop light. They have the convertible top and windows up, the air conditioning on, and the stereo playing “Drive” by the Cars. It just so happens that Mike and Laura pull up to the same stop light, right next to Barney and Beth. They share big smiles and wave hello to each other. Mike and Laura happen to have their windows down, the convertible top down, and “I Can’t Drive 55“ by Sammy Hagar, playing on the radio.


The next stop light is a country mile away. Mike calls Barney on his cell phone and says:  “Hey, you want to race to the next light?”  Barney says: “Heck yeah!”  (Barney never swears in public, and definitely not in front of women!)  We know their cars and their skills are identical. Who wins the race to the next stop light?

(Please note:  MVR and PCA National DO NOT EVER condone any type of car racing on any public roadway and do not encourage anyone to do such!!)