Brain Teaser October 2018

Ron and Sharon Gargasz are long-time MVR PCA members and equally long-time world travelers. This year, they took a bucket list trip to Germany – attending the PCA Fall Treffen tour. Highlights of this event included exclusive tours of the Porsche Museum, Porsche Factory, and Zentrum dealership in Zuffenhausen; a 7-day Porsche rental, “hot laps” on the Weissach Test Track, driving on the no-speed-limit Autobahn, and accommodations in 5-star hotels serving the finest meals, wine, and champagne. Ron and Sharon are both great competitive drivers, enjoying the Weissach hot laps and Autobahn excursion immensely; and the Porsche Panamera GTS rental car performed flawlessly!


Being very particular about the beautiful vehicle they rented for the trip - after each event Ron made sure to have the car exterior cleaned and prepped for the next day.

At the end of the week, on the drive to return the car to the dealership, Ron noticed there was pulsing in his brake pedal. He mentioned this to the dealership mechanic, who found the front disc brake rotors were indeed warped. Knowing the Panamera brakes were perfect when Ron first rented the car, what happened in one week to cause the rotors to warp?