Brain Teaser November 2018

Craig and Laila Zenil are blessed to be part of a large family: mom, dad, plenty of brothers and sisters, and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews – who all live out of town. So, to keep in touch, every few months they invite a niece or nephew to visit for the weekend, catching up on the kids’ schooling, work, and sports. Part of the weekend includes a Sunday morning brunch at their favorite restaurant. On a particularly cool, rainy Sunday, they decided to take their niece to a hearty breakfast at Scrambler Marie’s.


Laila, who is driving the Cayenne Turbo Diesel, turns toward her niece and has a quick conversation with her, but only when they have stopped at a red traffic light. When the light turns green, the conversation abruptly stops until the next red light. Their niece is proficient in a number of languages, and has just learned a new one, so the conversation is animated! The Cayenne is a beautifully detailed, ultra-quiet, high-mileage, turbo-charged vehicle. It’s a very cool spring morning, the windows are up - there is no outside noise - and the radio is off. Why are Laila and her niece only conversing at the red stop lights?