Brain Teaser May 2018

Marshall and Judy Bellman, avid Porsche owners, are quite well-heeled travelers. After years of working, they decided to retire and have had the opportunity to crisscross the globe - visiting a few exotic, some historic, certainly romantic, and even “hypnotic” locations. This year, they began discussing a possible cruise on the Danube. But, who knew other opportunities were lurking! A couple of days later, Judy picks up the latest edition of Christophorus and reads that Porsche has just released the new 718 Cayman GTS, and she is in love - the Carmine Red, rear wheel drive, 365hp convertible with ceramic brakes, black / carmine leather interior, and premium sound system is just stunning!


So, Marshall and Judy sign on the dotted line and purchase a brand new 718 from Germain Porsche in Ann Arbor. 

Being such savvy travelers, and never leaving behind a chance to experience new places, Marshall and Judy are still able to travel, with the help of their granddaughter. How did their granddaughter help them travel, “setting in a corner” of Northwest Ohio?