Brain Teaser June 2018

Bob Cryan, a new MVR Board Member, and his wife Charlotte are out shopping at Germain Porsche of Ann Arbor. They are having the car prepped for the spring / summer DE season, and are purchasing a few odds and ends before the first event. Filling their arms full of needed items, including a few beautiful Porsche shirts and driving gloves for both of them, they head to the cashier to pay their bill. Charlotte has one particular set of items in her hands, and setting them on the counter, asks the salesperson: “How much does 1 cost?”  The salesperson answers: “One costs $0.99.” Bob responds: “Okay, how 


about 12?”  “That will be one dollar and 98 cents” the salesperson responds. Bob and Charlotte chat with each other for a moment, and Charlotte says: “Okay, if we take 128 and 137, how much will that be?” The salesperson responds: “$5.94”.  Bob and Charlotte pay for their items and head to dinner in Ann Arbor, confident they and their car are ready for the upcoming DE. What are the items that Bob and Charlotte needed for the DE, and purchased for $5.94?