Brain Teaser February 2018

Lee Burlingame is considering signing up for the upcoming Driver’s Education Event, hosted by MaumeeValley Region PCA, July 27th, 28th and 29th. Signing in to, he looks over the information. Seeing that there is a pretty special “Ladies Day at the Track” on Friday, the 27th, he registers both himself and his wife Yvonne for the weekend event. As the date gets closer, Lee and Yvonne spend the time getting everything together for the fun, three-day weekend. The morning of the Friday, Ladies Day drive, their Porsche 928 goes through the MVR track inspection, where

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the car is found to be 2 quarts low on oil. Lee didn’t bring oil with him, and must borrow some from the track. The track has plenty of oil to spare, but it is contained in a large 30-gallon drum. Nearby, Lee finds two empty containers: one, 7 quarts and the other, 13 quarts. Unfortunately for Lee, these containers have no markings on them except to indicate their total volume: 7 and 13 quarts. Lee, certainly a math genius, easily gets exactly 2 quarts of oil from the 30-gallon drum using only these two empty containers. How did he do this?