Brain Teaser December 2018 Answer

Here, the answer can be a number of different combinations…. All based on an understanding of two things, first: the men’s attendance will always give us a receipt value that has a zero as its last number, and second: for the women’s attendance we must choose a number that gives us a receipt value of either a zero or a five as its last number.

To make this easy, let’s assume 70 men attend giving us a total value of $700, which leaves $300 for the women and children receipts. Because the women’s price is $8, let’s generate an even number - assuming 30 women attend, this gives us $240 and leaves $60 in receipts for the children. At $5 per child, this means 12 children attended. So, based on our initial assumption we have the following attendance: 70 men ($700) + 30 women ($240) + 12 children ($60) = $1,000. (Here, we could adjust the women and children figures at 25 women and 20 children, which would still give us $300….)

We could also assume 50 men ($500) + 50 women ($400) + 20 children ($100) = $1,000.  (Here, we could also adjust the women and children figures at 35 women and 44 children, which would still give us the $500….)

Or, one other assumption:  55 men ($550) + 50 women ($400) + 10 children ($50) = $1,000.  As you see, this could go on for awhile....     ; )