Brain Teaser August 2018

Todd and Sarah Mierzwiak decide to hold an MVR Porsche Club “Cars and Coffee” at their new home – to be held just 30 days after their move-in date. Sarah is now working double speed, as the new house needs some TLC, particularly the landscaping. The ground cover surrounding all the trees is dead, leaving nothing but dirt. Sarah visits her favorite nursery, explaining the dilemma. The nursery expert takes her to a nearby display, saying: “I have the perfect answer for you. Plant just one of these ground cover stems around each tree, and if you water it every day, it will double in size.” The expert also tells her:


“When the ground cover is completely grown in, spray this inhibitor to stop it from growing any further - otherwise it will consume your trees, bushes, flowers, and fence; the house and dog; and even the cars!”

Knowing time was short, Sarah bought two ground cover stems per tree, just to be safe. Watering every day, Todd and Sarah had beautiful green ground cover around all the trees the day of the event.  If one stem, per tree, gave Sarah the ground cover she needed in just 30 days, how quickly would two stems, per tree, have done the job?